The CMBA interviews 'You've Just Been Watching' for January 2021!

So each month the Classic Movie Blog Association highlights one of its members, and I was so lucky to be interviewed for the month of January 2021! If you don't mind my rambly-as-ever-thoughts (especially on Margaret Rutherford and Phil Silvers haha), you can read them on the CMBA page, I've also shared my answers here (plus, if you're looking for more wonderful places to read about films people like, have a look at the rest of the members' pages!) c': Xo   1.        The tagline of your blog is “Dreaming in Television”. What started your love for classic television programmes? It’s likely something carried over from family/childhood, but I’ve always just felt more ‘at home’ with classic films as well as television (I’m a little younger than that, but I’ve always thought I’d have made a great 11-year-old a half century back). I guess the exciting ‘newness’ of TV in particular meant there’s an exciting ‘newness’ for the spectator too, like you’re enjoying somethi

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